HOLY CROSS : Bedford

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Walking Humbly


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Working for justice

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Sharing faith





Serving and ministering


On 8th December, 2007, Bishop Peter Doyle laid out his vision for the Diocese. He concluded his presentation with the following words:


"More than anything I want every member of the Diocese to make their own and develop in their lives


CONFIDENCE in God, in themselves and in one another


CONVERSATION with God, with one another, and with the world


CONNECTION with God, with one another, and with the world


so that we can become what God asks of us, a community that is able more and more to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God".

Exercising stewardship


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Receiving and valuing friends and strangers alike in an inclusive, open way in every aspect of the life and work of the community.

This section of the Walking Humbly programme is the focus for Holy Cross Church during 2012. Here are some of the things we are doing to make people feel more welcome.


The team leader for Welcoming is Kathy Goodwin. Please contact her if you are interested in helping with Welcoming, or if you have any suggestions for the Welcoming Team.

> Clearing and tidying the entrance area

> Painting the entrance area

> Moving the hymn books to the benches to reduce congestion when entering the church

> Improving the noticeboards

> Having Welcomers from different church groups at each Mass

> Updating the parish directory folder


Proclaiming and promoting the ‘Good News’, as individuals and groups, through a wide variety of gatherings and intentional activities.


Linking creatively and positively with our Catholic schools, homes, other Churches, faiths and agencies.

Serving and ministering

Reaching out to the sick and housebound, the poor and needy, and the lonely and marginalised.

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